Hubert Gmünder

lic. iur. Attorney-at-law
Notary public

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Branch office: Hostet 18, Appenzell

  • 1955 born in Appenzell
  • 1980 lic. iur. University of Zurich
  • 1983 admitted to the bar

Curriculum vitae

  • Legal service of the St.Gallen Cantonal Justice and Police Department
  • Court clerk at the District Court and Cantonal Court in Appenzell
  • Vice-director at Ernst & Young
  • 1992 joined the law firm Schwager Mätzler Schneider as a partner

Further activities

  • District judge, cantonal judge and president of the Cantonal Tax Appeal Commission in Appenzell (until 1994)
  • Member of the Appenzell School Council (1987-1995)
  • President of the Appenzell Innerrhoden House Owners’ Association (1997 – 2015)